Summer Football hits 1,300 registrations

Nepean Summer Football has announced that their Summer Football competitions have reached 1,300 registrations. Manager of Summer Football Graham Chapman said recently ‘we have seen incredible growth for three consecutive years now which is an awesome feeling. It’s pretty simple really we just need to provide the right venue, give people a well organised format and the most important fact of all is to ensure that summer football is the same time same place every week, which we have successfully done. I love watching so many people becoming involved in summer football keeping people engaged and active through the warmer months. I am still fielding calls every day regarding people wanting to play so our problem now is finding a place for them to play but rest assured we will attempt everything possible to have people playing summer football. it;s also very rewarding seeing the registrations coming in for Summerhayes Park giving people in the lower mountains a summer football solution for the very first time.’