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Nepean Football Summer Competition Rules And Guidelines 2020

The following rules and guidelines are for the Summer Football season run by Nepean Football Association which will run from Monday 12th October 2020 and conclude on Friday the 17th of December 2020.


  • Nepean Football Association is known as NFA.
  • Nepean Referees Group is known as NRG
  • Football New South Wales is known as FNSW


The NFA summer football season will commence on Monday 12th October 2020 and conclude on Friday the 17th of December 2020

In 2020 there will be 1 location being Eileen Cammack reserve South Penrith operating Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

It will be made up the following rounds being.

    • round 1 week commencing Monday 12th of October
    • round 2 week commencing the 19th of October
    • round 3 week commencing the 26th of October
    • round 4 week commencing the 2nd of November
    • round 5 week commencing the 9th of November
    • round 6 week commencing the 16th of November
    • round 7 week commencing the 23rd of November
    • round 8 week commencing the 30th of November
    • round 9 week commencing the 7th of December
    • Finals will be played week commencing the 14th of December. Please note that all other teams will play during this week even if they do not make the final.


  • If at the conclusion of a Final a clear winner is not decided on goals 5-minutes each way will be played. No golden goal rule will apply. If the match is still drawn after extra time a penalty shoot-out will apply.  A penalty shoot-out will be conducted as per the normal FIFA laws of the game. The kick will be taken from the edge of the penalty area. The person kicking the ball can only have a two-step approach.



  • The age groups will be as follows: under 6 mixed, under 7 mixed, under 8 mixed, under 9 mixed, under 10 mixed, under 11 mixed, under 12 boys and under 12 girls, under 13 boys, under 14 boys and under 14 girls, under 16 boys and under 16 girls, all age men, all age women, Over 30’s Women, all age mixed, over 35 men and walking football.
  • NFA management has the right to reduce or increase teams subject to those registered to play. NFA management has the right to delete an age group if not enough players register.  A competition or non-competition match will be deemed viable if a minimum amount of 4 teams in an age group register. Maximum teams in any division will be 10 unless stated otherwise.



  1. Team eligibility: Under 11 teams and below will be non-competition as per the FFA guidelines. This is a non-competition format no final will be played. Under 6 and Under 7 will be 4 v 4 with no goalkeeper. Under 8 – 11 inclusive will be 6 v 6 one of which will be the goalkeeper
  2. Under 12 and above will play 6 v 6 players one of which will be the goalkeeper. Finals apply. Mixed teams must always have equal amount of male and female players on .
  3. Player age eligibility: A player is eligible to play in the competition based on the following age groups:
  1. Under 6: must be minimum 5 years of age and no older than 6 as of 31st of December 2020
  2. Under 7: must be minimum 6 years of age and no older than 7 as of 31st of December 2020
  3. Under 8: must be minimum 7 years of age and no older than 8 as of 31st of December 2020
  4. Under 9: must be minimum 8 years of age and no older than 9 as of 31st of December 2020
  5. Under 10: must be minimum 9 years of age and no older than 10 as of 31st December 2020
  6. Under 11: must be minimum 10 years of age and no older than 11 as of 31st December 2020
  7. Under 12: must be minimum 11 years of age and no older than 12 as of 31st December 2020
  8. Under 13: must be minimum 12 years of age and no older than 13 as of 31st December 2020
  9. Under 14: must be minimum 13 years of age and no older than 14 as of 31st December 2020
  10. Under 16 must be minimum 14 years of age and no older than 16 as of 31st December 2020
  11. All Age men: Must be minimum 16 years of age
  12. All Age women: Must be minimum 16 years of age
  13. All Age mixed: Must be minimum 16 years of age
  14. Over 30 Women:  Must be minimum 30 years of age
  15. Over 35 Men: Must be minimum 35 years of age
  16. Walking football is anyone aged 45 years and above
  1. Mixed teams must consist of an equal number of male and female players always on the field unless permission is requested of the management and approval given, prior to the commencement of a match. This will be in consultation with the opposing team. An opposition may agree to this and as a result a forfeit may be declared by the other team in advance


  1. The Competition will be conducted at Eileen Cammack reserve located at Evan Street South Penrith.
    1. Monday night: under 6, under 7, under 8, under 9, under 10, under 11 teams
    2. Tuesday night under 12 male and female, under 13 male, under 14 male and female and walking football
    3. Wednesday night under 16 male and female, All Age mixed, Over 30’s Women and Over 35 Men.
    4. Thursday night, all Age men, and All Age Women. Nights could be subject to change prior to the commencement of the Summer Football season depending on numbers of registrations. This is subject to change depending on the age groups that register.



  1. Ages under 6 and under 7 will have a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of 3 players on the field at any one time. Sharing of players if teams are short is encouraged as this is non-competition
  2. Ages under 8, under 9, under 10 and under 11 will have a maximum of 6 players on the field at any one time including the goalkeeper. You will need a minimum of 3 players to play the match and the sharing of players if teams are short is encouraged as this is non-competition
  3. If a team aged under 6 to under 11 inclusive has less than 3 players at the commencement of the match the referee shall not continue with the match and allowing 10 minutes from the scheduled kick off time the referee should then abandon the match. As this is non-competition a friendly match will be encouraged by the parents attending. In all other age groups from under 12 and above if a team cannot field the minimum number of players, the referees shall wait 10 minutes from the scheduled kick off and if they have still not been able to field their minimum players, the referee shall abandon the match and the team that failed to field the correct number of players shall forfeit the match.
  4. In competition matches a team may borrow only 2 players from another team. If they borrow any more than 2 players, they can still play the match, but the match will be forfeited to the other team.
  5. All match balls will be supplied by NFA. All match balls to be returned to the referee at the conclusion of the match.
  6. All junior matches from under 6 up to U11 will play 2 x 12-minute halves.
  7. U12 to U16 will play 2 x 15-minute halves.
  8. All senior matches will play 2 x 20 minute periods.
  9. In all age groups there will be between a 3 and 5-minute break for half time. The referee will control the start and end of each half of football with his or her whistle.
  10. The points per match are: Win = 3 points, Loss = 0 points, Draw = 1 point.
  11. If a match is washed out, we will attempt to have the match replayed. If that cannot occur each team will receive 1 point and no goals awarded.
  12. If a match is abandoned the team that has not breached the laws will be awarded 3 points for the win and 3 goals
  13. If a match is abandoned due to a venue malfunction or player injury that requires an ambulance to attend, the matter will be referred to the Administrative team for adjudication. Their decision is final.
  14. If a match is forfeited the team that they were playing will be awarded 3 points for the win and 3 goals
  15. If for whatever reason, there is a bye due to insufficient teams the non-offending team is awarded 3 points and 3 goals
  16. Interchange can occur at any time in the match with the referees’ permission.
  17. There is no off-side in our NFA summer football competition
  18. The ball shall be kicked into the field from the sideline for all matches known as kick-ins. There is no throw ins.
  19. A goalkeeper cannot kick or throw the ball over the halfway line on the full. If this occurs the referee will award a kick in from the junction where the ball went over the line to the opposing team
  20. A goal cannot be scored from a kick-in from the sideline. It must be touched by a player prior to entering the goal.
  21. All free kicks – all players must be at least 10 yards from the ball.
  22. All free kicks are deemed indirect free kicks. This means the ball must be touched by another player before it enters the goal. This rule is in place to protect goal keepers from injury. If a free kick is awarded to an attacking team within 10 metres of the goal the kick must be taken back to a minimum of 10 metres from the goal.
  23. No goal can be scored from inside the penalty area. This rule is in place to protect goal keepers from injury.


  1. A player may be awarded a yellow card for dissent against a match official or if in the referee’s opinion the player is being unsportsmanlike: That player will be removed from the field for mandatory 3-minutes in the sin bin. This will be applied when a player is showing dissent towards a referee, another player, or spectator, showing signs of potential anger or violent conduct towards a referee or another player or spectator. The player who is asked to leave the field, should leave the field immediately and he or she is not to be replaced in that three minutes. The referee is the sole timekeeper and will advise when that player can return to the field of play.
  2. If a player receives two yellow cards in any one match, they must leave the field immediately and take no further part in the match. That player will automatically receive a one match suspension. They must also present themselves at the check in location and speak with one of the administrative team.
  3. If a player receives a red card in any one match, they must leave the field immediately and take no further part in the match. That player must then report to the administrative team. At this point they will be advised of their minimum suspension. If the NFA believes that the minimum suspension is insufficient that player will be notified in writing thereafter within 5-days.
  4. If a team plays an unregistered player, it will be deemed they have forfeited the game and 3 points will be awarded to the opposition


  1. The top two teams at the conclusion of the normal rounds will be declared the finalists. The top two teams are determined using the following priorities 1: Team with the greater number of points 2: Goal difference 3: Goals scored 4: Goals conceded 5: forfeits.
  2. All players that win the competition and all runners up will be awarded a medallion for winning or being runners up in the Nepean Football summer competition. All players that play in under 6, under 7, under 8, under 9, under 10 and under 11 will receive a participation medal on the final day.




  1. Teams will be allowed to register their team from Tuesday 25th of August.
  2. Players will then register into their nominated team from Monday 14th of September
  3. All players must be registered through using their current FFA number. On registration they must select Nepean Summer Football Penrith competition. Do not select your winter club.
  4. Each player’s registration fee is a one off registration fee which includes all administration charges, limited Football NSW insurance, ground hire, lighting, line marking and referee’s fees.
  5. If a player chooses to play in more than one team that player must create an additional registration choosing the lessor fee for the subsequent registrations.
  6. If an unregistered player is played by any team that team will lose 3 competition points regardless of whether they won that match or not.
  7. A Coach/Manager should be appointed and registered (no fee applies) for any team U/10 – U/16 and they must complete a “Working with Children” (Prohibited Employment Declaration) form or provide a current Coaches/Managers NFA registration card. The nominated coach must also register in My Football Club.
  8. In adult competitions a player can register as a regular player for more than one team (who play on different weeknights) however that player must pay an additional registration fee.
  9. All players must play in their nominated team unless the administration team has been notified


  1. All referees are accredited referees from the Nepean Referees Group
  2. NFA management whilst responsible for the Summer Football competition will not overturn any decision the referee has made during the match
  3. We have a zero policy when it comes to abuse of match officials. Summer Football is a fun, relaxed atmosphere and any person reported and found guilty of abusing a match official may be asked to leave the venue and play no further part in our competition. In the case that a player is reported and found guilty of abusing a match official he or she will not be eligible for a refund.
  4. Prior to starting each match, the referee will be located on the field 10-minutes prior to match. All team sheets will be electronic and the referee after the night will enter the final score for competition matches only.



  1. If any team has any protest, against a referee or a result this is to be reported immediately to the administrative team located at the ground. This must be done within fifteen minutes of the conclusion of the game in writing and clearly stating your reason or reasons for the protest. The administrative team will announce the outcome to each team within 24 hours. Any protest received outside that time will not be recognised.


  1. Goalposts will be supplied as per FFA guidelines. Under no circumstances are players or spectators to climb or swing on Goal Posts at any time during the match or in between matches.


  1. Limited player injury insurance is provided through Football NSW and is included in your registration fee. The Association strongly advises all players to review the policy and address any perceived shortfalls in coverage by engaging their own Private Health Insurance and/or Income Protection Insurance.


  1. If a team forfeits on 3 occasions they may be withdrawn from the competition. No refunds will be issued to any player on that team once they have been withdrawn from the competition.
  2. A team must give a minimum of 24-hour’s notice of a forfeit. A forfeit does not mean that that portion of their registration fee will be reimbursed.


  1. All players must wear boots, long socks, and shin pads.
  2. All shin pads must be covered by socks.
  3. No player is permitted to wear metal studs.
  4. All players must have the same colour shirt.
  5. If there is a clash of colours one of the teams must wear bibs.
  6. The purchase of same colour shirts is the responsibility of the individual players and/or sponsors. All players for matches under 12 and above must be individually numbered. Non-competition teams under 6 – under 11 do not have to have to have numbered shirts.
  7. Sponsors are allowed on your shirts to assist teams in meeting the cost of shirts. All sponsorship must be tasteful.


  1. All players sent from the field will receive suspension punishment as per the NFA minimum guidelines. Each player sent off must present themselves to the administrative location at the check in counter. That player will be notified of the suspension at that time, however in some cases the NFA disciplinary committee may deem there to be further punishment. If this is the case that player will be notified within 5-days.


  1. If play does not go ahead due to inclement weather this will be advertised on the Nepean Summer Football and NRG (Nepean Referees Group) Facebook sites. If play is washed out due to the short season there may be no available time to have those matches replayed. If they are not able to be replayed all teams from that point on will receive one competition point and no goals. Our weather policy is in accordance with the Football NSW hot weather policy and the Football NSW lightening safety policy and the 30/30 rule.
  2. The NFA does not accept responsibility to any player injured. All players are covered under the Football NSW limited insurance policy. This is found at the time of player registration online. The NFA does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, theft or damage to personal possessions or equipment whilst attending the competition location. The management reserves the right to alter the rules of the competition.


  1. If a player de-registers because we do not have a team or competition applicable to their age group and/or gender (gender only applies to single gender teams), a full refund will be given within 14 days of the de-registration being actioned in the Play Football portal.
  2. If a player de-registers because they change their mind (for whatever reason), fees paid will be refunded in full less a $16.50 de-registration administration fee up to week 2 of the competition.
  3. After week 2 a 50% refund will be given.
  4. ​After week 5, no refund will be given.
  5. ​In the case of Juniors who have used an Active Kids rebate as part payment of their registration fee, any consideration of refunds will be less the Active Kids Rebate.
  6. ​Active Kids rebates will not be transferred to another club or sport