2021/2022 – how much does it cost to play summer football?

We have one price for specific age groups to cover the entire summer football season for those wishing to play. This one price includes all referees fees, management of the season, field hire, lighting, staff. You will not have to pay any further money throughout the season. Prices will vary for age groups and are listed below.

  • Under 6 and under 7 age group: $95 (that’s $7.30 per week)
  • Under 8 to under 17 inclusive: $115 (that’s $8.84 per week)
  • Senior 18+ to include all senior football: $151 (that’s $11.61 per week) NB: The eligibility age to play in all age competition is 16 years of age so the system will automatically register you at the lower rate which is above if your age is under 18.
  • Walking Football (participants are over the age of 45): $95 (that’s $7.30 per week) NB: If you are interested in playing walking football you need to fill in the expression of interest form. Once we have enough players expressing an interest to play we will then contact you and ask you to register.

Registering for more than one team: Please see costs below.

  • If you choose to play in an additional adult team you will need to do an additional registration. This additional adult registration team cost for an individual player is $110
  • If you choose to play in an additional junior team you will need to do an additional registration. This additional junior registration cost for an individual player is $90
  • If you choose to play in an additional under 6 or under 7 team you will need to do an additional registration. This additional under 6 or under 7 registration cost for an individual player is $70



Do we play through school holidays and on long weekend?

No we will not be playing through the majority of the school holidays. Due to our NSW extended lock down we respect that families will be going away on holidays and catching up on much needed recreation time. We will play week commencing the 20th of December then resume once the holidays have finished week commencing the 31st of January 2022.

What happens once I’ve registered as a player?

Once you have registered as a player into your team, you will then need to simply chat with your team and get ready for the season. The draw for all competitions and non competitions for those aged under 6 to under 11 inclusive will go live the week before we are scheduled to start.

Can I use my active kids rebate for Summer Football?

Yes!  You can use the Active Kids Voucher (AKV) towards your Summer Football Registration, but please be aware of the following conditions;

  1.  AKV will be applied to your fees only to the maximum value of the voucher.  If there is a residual amount (i.e. if your fees are less than $100), we do not take the whole of the voucher.  The NSW state govt. retains the residual amount.
  2. If your fees are more than the $100 voucher amount, you must pay the difference at the time of registration.
  3. If there is a problem with your voucher, we can’t help you resolve that.  You’ll need to speak with Services NSW to resolve.
  4. If you change your mind and decide to de-register, you will forfeit the value of the voucher.  AKV’s are non-refundable, in some circumstances, we may consider transferring part of the value to another sport depending on when you de-register and why.  Please refer to our Refund & De-Registration policy as this is a condition of registration.

In 2021/2022 when do we start & finish playing Summer Football?


  • In 2021/2022 there will be 1 location being Jamison Park Penrith. We will operate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights using both the Synthetic and grass fields available.
  • The Nepean Summer Football season for Penrith will commence on Monday 6th of December 2021 subject to final government approval and initially run for 3 consecutive weeks concluding on Thursday the 23rd of December 2021. We will then break for the December/January school holidays.
  • The Nepean Summer Football season will then resume on Monday the 31st of January subject to final government approval and run for a further 8 consecutive weeks concluding on Thursday the 24th of March, 2021.
  • NB: The final week which is week commencing Monday the 21st of March is the finals week. All teams will still play. Monday night due to it being non competition will play as per normal.

How do I nominate a whole team for the 2021/2022 Summer Football season?

The registration links to register for Penrith will be on our Facebook site and our website. We will only be accepting the following team numbers into each age group. Once your age group is full there will be no further teams added. Individual players do not register until we advise you to do so.

Summer Football Penrith:

  • Under 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 – 12 teams
  • Under 12, under 13, under 14, under 16, over 30 women, over 35 men, all age women – 12 teams.
  • All Age Mixed – 20 teams
  • All age men – 24 teams.

Once your team leader or representative has registered your team, our administration team will then confirm with you that your team has been successful and your team code and name will be added into the competition. You will then advise your players to register into that team from Monday the 4th of October. If players fail to register by the 31st of October we reserve the right to withdraw your team from the competition and replace your team with a team we have on our waiting list.


Is there a direct link to register


If you want to sign up for Over 45’s Walking Football (non competition – just friendship and fitness), you can register you interest by CLICKING HERE.  Once we’ve got the numbers, we’ll be back in touch, but we won’t take your registration or your money until we’re sure we have enough numbers.

If you’re a player without a team and you’re willing to fill a vacancy in a team CLICK HERE and we’ll take your details and put you in touch with a suitable team who has a vacancy that might suit you.  No promises, but we’ll try our best to find you a team to play in for our 2021/2022 season. If you fill in this link this does not guarantee that you will have a team to play in.

Direct links to register as a coach (team leader) or team contact (manager)

As we did last year all teams leaders and/or contacts must register. Please use the same link we’ve provided for your team players to register, but select Coach or Volunteer as the role. If you are also playing you will also need to register again as a team leader/coach. There is no charge to register as a team leader or coach.



How do I look up a fixture for the 2021/2022 season?

How to search for a fixture in Summer Football

  1. Go to nepeansummerfootball.com.au
  2. Select Fixtures Tab
  3. Choose whether you view the information on a PC or on a mobile device by selecting “Standard or Mobile” on the Right hand side of your screen
  4. Make sure that the Association selected in “Nepean Summer Football” at the uppermost drop down menu
  5. To ensure that you’re not looking at old “favourite” data, make sure there is no tick in “USE MY FAVOURITES”
  6. From the remaining drop down menus;
    1. COMPETITIONS: Select your competition (Current Year + Venue) i.e. 2021 Summer – Penrith
    2. CLUB: Select your club (venue) i.e. Summer football Penrith
    3. AGE GROUP: Select the Age Group you’re PLAYING IN
    4. DIVISION: Leave at all unless you are in a comp with multiple divisions, you should then select the division your team is in.
    5. TEAM: From the Team drop down you could also narrow the search further by selecting your team
    6. DATE: Select the date range you want to know about, or remove dates to view the entire competition.

What If I or my friends have never played before and we don’t have a team?

That’s OK.  Summer Football is about having fun.  Just enter a team with your mates and give it a go!

If you are a player that has never played before and don’t have a team to play with, but you would like to give summer football a go, you will need to fill in our expression of interest application by CLICKING HERE. We will have teams that are looking for players and we will try our best to match you with a team who has vacancies.  No promises, but we’ll try!

What if we can’t play in the 2021/2022 season due to the change of dates?

We totally understand if this is inconvenient to you and your team. You will need to call our office on 4731 2911 or send us a private message on Facebook and advise our team. We will then confirm that you have been withdrawn from the upcoming season.

Do we wear studded boots on the new synthetic fields?


2021/2022 – when does registration open for the Summer Football season?

The 2021/2022 Summer Football season registration opened for team nominations in July. Please look at our Facebook site to see the teams that remain available. At this stage we have 182 teams already registered. Some age groups have already been SOLD OUT.  Registration of individual players will be advertised here on our website and Facebook. If you would like to nominate a team please fill in the link below.



Walking Football information

If you would like to play walking football you will need to fill in the link below. If you are interested in submitting an entire team each individual player will need to fill in the attached link. Once we are getting closer to the start of our season will then determine if we have enough people interested in playing walking football and we will then make contact with all those players and ask them to officially register.

Traditionally we keep things nice and relaxed with walking football, after all it’s about staying active and socialising. Walking football will be played on Tuesday nights between 6:45pm and 8pm. Please fill in the link below.

What’s the youngest and oldest age groups offered?

Our youngest age group is the U6 age group.  Players must be at least turning 5 in the current year to play in this age group.

Our Oldest age groups are O30’s Women and O35’s Men for regular 6 a side football and Over 45 for Walking Football.


2021/2022 – do you have mixed competition?

YES  –  Mixed Gender competitions are offered in all age groups up to and including U11’s in the Juniors. Under 12 and above will be male and female teams unless special permission is requested and approved by the Summer Football management team.

In the senior ranks, we offer All Age Mixed competitions and O45’s Walking Football is also a mixed gender group. The All Age Mixed competition is close to being booked out. We have created an additional All Age mixed time slot at 6pm each Wednesday evening for the Mixed adult competition.


2021/2022 – What night & what time will my team play?


Below we have listed a full breakdown of the weeks that the competition will run in Penrith  which also includes a nightly breakdown of age groups and start times. Please note that the nights detailed below will not change however the start times may be subject to slight change as we build the competition. If times do change this will be communicated directly to any affected teams. The main reason for time changes will be due to insufficient teams registering for a specific age group.

Penrith competition to be played at Jamison Park on the new synthetic fields and field 5 which is the grass field adjacent to the synthetic fields:

    • Round 1 week commencing Monday 6th of December
    • Round 2 week commencing Monday 13th of December
    • Round 3 week commencing Monday 20th of December
    • Round 4 week commencing the 31st of January
    • Round 5 week commencing the 7th of February
    • Round 6 week commencing the 14th of February
    • Round 7 week commencing the 21st of February
    • Round 8 week commencing the 28th of February
    • Round 9 week commencing the 7th of March
    • Round 10 week commencing the 14th of March
    • Round 11 week commencing the 21st of March
    • Finals will be played week commencing the 21st of March. Please note that all non competition matches which is the Monday night under 6 to under 11 inclusive will still play in this final week. Regarding competition matches, the final will be between the two teams that ended the competition the week before in positions 1 and 2. All other teams will also play during this final week however those matches are seen as friendlies.

Monday Nights – Under 6 teams kick off at 5pm, under 7 teams kick off at 5.30pm, under 8 teams kick off at 6.20pm, under 9 teams kick off at 6.50pm, under 10 teams kick off at 7.20pm, under 11 teams kick off at 7.50pm. Please arrive at the ground 30 minutes prior to your scheduled kick off so we know your team has arrived. NB: Before registering please be aware that we cannot delay the kick off times to meet specific team requests. If you cannot attend these kick off times you will have to forfeit your evenings match.

Tuesday nights – Under 12 boys 6pm, under 12 girls 6pm, under 13 boys 6:35pm, under 13 girls 6:35pm, under 14 boys 7:15pm, under 14 girls 7:55pm, over 30 Women 8:30pm. NB: Every effort will be given to ensure that we maintain these above times. They may be subject to change on the night for conditions out of our control.

Wednesday nights – Under 16 girls and boys 6pm. All Age mixed will play in two time slots comprising two divisions. The first division which will be division 2, will kick off at 6:40pm and division 1 at 7.30pm. Over 35 Men kick off at 8.20pm. NB: Every effort will be given to ensure that we maintain these above times. They may be subject to change as we build the competition.

Thursday nights –  All Age Men will kick off at 6.40pm and 7.30pm. All Age Women will kick off at 8.20pm. NB: Every effort will be given to ensure that we maintain these above times. They may be subject to change as we build the competition.

NB: As per last year, all kick off times are subject to change once the season has started due to weather influences. Any change will be communicated via Facebook. If the above times change slightly prior to the season starting this will be communicated to the affected teams directly.




What shirts or uniforms do we wear?

Each team is required to purchase their own shirt and they must be the same colour. If shirts clash we have a supply of bibs which one team will have to wear. All shirts need to be numbered in age groups U12 & above. In some cases teams are transitioning from their winter competition and may choose to wear their club winter uniform. This is perfectly acceptable as it meets our guidelines. If in the case that players have not purchased shirts that team will be supplied bibs for that match until they’ve organised their shirts. Kids playing in non competition matches do not have to have numbers but if you decide to include them that is perfectly ok.

What sort of footwear is acceptable?

All players must wear closed and appropriate footwear as per the laws of the game. All players must wear shin pads for the players protection.