How Do I Look Up A Fixture?

How to search for a fixture in Summer Football

  1. Go to
  2. Select Fixtures Tab
  3. Choose whether you view the information on a PC or on a mobile device by selecting “Standard or Mobile” on the Right hand side of your screen
  4. Make sure that the Association selected in “Nepean Summer Football” at the uppermost drop down menu
  5. To ensure that you’re not looking at old “favourite” data, make sure there is no tick in “USE MY FAVOURITES”
  6. From the remaining drop down menus;
    1. COMPETITIONS: Select your competition (Current Year + Venue) i.e. 2020 Summer – Penrith
    2. CLUB: Select your club (venue) i.e. Summer football Penrith
    3. AGE GROUP: Select the Age Group you’re PLAYING IN
    4. DIVISION: Leave at all unless you are in a comp with multiple divisions, you should then select the division your team is in.
    5. TEAM: From the Team drop down you could also narrow the search further by selecting your team
    6. DATE: Select the date range you want to know about, or remove dates to view the entire competition.