How Do I Nominate A Whole Team?

This season we are doing things a little differently allowing for a more streamlined process. From Tuesday evening the 25th of August at 6pm you will be able to register your team. Due to a shorter playing season we will only be accepting the following team numbers into each age group. Once your age group is full there will be no further teams added. Individual players do not register on the 25th of August.

Under 6 and 7 – 16 teams. Under 8, under 9, under 10, under 11 – 12 teams. Under 12, under 13, under 14, under 16, over 30 women, over 35 men, all age mixed, all age women – 10 teams. All age men – 20 teams.

Our administration team will then confirm with you that your team has been successful and your team code and name will be added into the competition. You will then advise your players to register into that team from Monday the 14th of September. If players fail to register by the 25th of September we reserve the right to withdraw your team from the competition and replace your team with a team we may have on stand by.