Fixtures 2021/2022

This season we have changed from our icomp program that has been very successful for many decades to a new program called Dribl. The reason for the change is that icomp is not operating beyond December this season. The new system has taken some getting used to by our team and they have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create your draw for the upcoming season. From an end user perspective it’s straight forward, you will see all fixtures available or you can type in a selected date and you will see all fixtures for that night. We have also been mindful that we want to have all players experience the synthetic fields so as a result we have rotated teams in and out of the synthetic fields depending on the amount of teams in their competition. All non competition matches for under 6 to under 11 will play every week on the synthetic fields with field identification as ‘mini field 1 – 6’. Other ages will rotate. When you look at your draw you will notice ‘half field 1’ and so on to ‘half field 7’. The synthetic fields are ‘half field 1 through to 4’ with ‘half field 5, 6 and 7’ being grass fields.
For reference on the night half field 5, 6 and 7 will be the RSL fields and these will be clearly identified with maps at the ground and flags highlighting the field numbers. Those fields are being marked this week.
Due to some teams pulling out of our competition which is beyond frustrating including a team that has pulled out today. You may see the word ‘spare’ or ‘bye’. If your team appears next to one of those words we will be finding a solution for you before your matches start which will include offering that spot to another team that is willing to play two games each week. A team that has the word ‘spare or ‘bye’ next to their weekly match will automatically receive the 3 competition points.
I want to say a massive thanks to our team behind the scenes and in particular Aileen and Frank who have worked hard in ensuring the system is up and running smoothly for everyone from day one.
Please also remember under NSW health orders that only vaccinated players can participate up to and including the 15th of December. From the 16th of December on both vaccinated and non vaccinated can participate. This applies to all spectators and players over the age of 16. We will have sign in QR codes in two locations being the check in and on fields 5, 6 and 7. Please respect us as we ask for this, we are simply adhering to NSW Public health orders.
Below is the link for your draw.