2019 Summer Season Is Coming!

We’re just about to open registrations for our 2019 Summer Season and it’s set to sell out fast as in previous years,

Registrations will open on 22nd July, and we have a limited number of spaces available.   Our registration process has changed slightly, and while you no longer need to go through a two step process, you will need to tell us your team name at the time of registering, so don’t forget, before you register, talk to your team mates and settle on a name for your team – and tell us what that is when you register, or we won’t be able to place you in a team and your registration will be delayed.

If you’re registering as an individual, that’s ok too.  We’ll do our best to find a team for you.  Just let us know that you need us to assign a team for you at the time of registration from the menu choices available.

For more info on costs, days, locations and other questions you may have, head on over to the FAQ tab (Frequently Asked Questions).

Bring on the Summer Football Smiles.